Imagine this...

You sit down to write and you’re actually in an excellent mood and looking forward to writing that day because 

  • the ideas are flowing freely 

  • your characters are cooperating and very chatty

  • you know you are producing quality work


How would that make you feel — Happy? Joyful? Ecstatic even? 


Or are you sitting there thinking that there is no way this could ever be possible? That I’m a bit crazy for even suggesting it? 

You might even be sitting there feeling guilt, shame and becoming irritated with the whole situation.


You hate when people ask you how the book is going because you have to lie and say, “It’s fine,” knowing you haven’t sat down in days or weeks. 


You are starting to hear that little voice inside suggesting you’re not a real writer or, worse, that you may never write again.


Your characters are even stalking you in your sleep causing nightmares.


And you are angry that you let this stuck-feeling get the better of you and now you’re afraid that voice inside might be right.

Trust me, it’s not!

You’ve tried 

  • tinkering with your outline 

  • creating new character profiles 

  • diving deeper into your research 


And while that makes you feel super productive, the word count on your novel isn’t getting any higher.


You’ve tried to distract yourself by organizing your spice rack or starting a new project, all the while your current work in progress is gathering dust.


You’ve even tried powering through & writing every day...

BUT you’re starting to really hate both the words you’re writing and the project. 


You curse your characters and are starting to snap at the real people in your life.


You are near giving up completely.

Don’t let all those creative ideas die before they get a chance to shine.

Readers need your book!

What if... 

I could promise you that you can enjoy writing again


That you can get your characters to talk to you when you need them to? 


That you can have plentiful ideas and the confidence to keep moving forward day after day - actually looking forward to working on that novel so much that you smile when you wake up each morning?


It’s possible.



I Suffered From Writer's Block...

My main character, Rachel, was being real quiet - unless she was stalking me in my dreams causing me to wake up in cold sweats. 

Forcing myself to write everyday wasn't working - I hated every word I typed and ultimately had to trash or retool everything.  

I was feeling 

  • sad
  • angry
  • guilty
  • ashamed

Writer's Block had me in her clutches

This was around the same time I discovered Tarot cards.  

I started with an app on my phone and it prompted me to ask a question so I asked --

"What can I do to start writing again?"

And the cards gave me some answers.  So the next day I asked --

 "What does my main character want me to know?"

Within 10 minutes I had unlocked six months of frustrations and Rachel started speaking to me again. 

And, just like that, I was writing again  

I truly believe that Tarot Cards saved me and my writing career and I believe they can save you as well. 


What Students Are Saying

I Was Completely Blocked! I wanted so much to write, but I just could not complete one full idea. I didn't know where to start. 

This course was so much fun and the information was wonderful.  I learned not to be so literal and to think outside of the box. AND I have a much better guide now to finding my story and my characters through tarot.

- Heather McLaughlin, Aspiring Author

As I faced a brand new project the sheer amount of what *could* happen was overwhelming to navigate. The lessons in the course really helped me to tap into my inspiration and connect with my core story & characters. 

Jennifer's approach to overcoming writer's block is so insightful. Plus she makes the use of tarot cards for inspiration super easy, even for those who have never picked up a deck before.

- Brit Poe, Fantasy Author

What's Included

Module 1 - Unearthing Plentiful Ideas

How to look at Tarot cards as a creative person, make connections and apply what you’ve learned to your current writing project

Module 2 - Kick-Starting Your Motivation

Discover your Big Why, your Dreams, and what motivates YOU

Module 3 - Making Friends with Your Inner Editor

Looking at your inner editor in a whole new light, dealing with inner fears and anxieties, and knowing how to move forward through anything

Module 4 - Cultivating Confidence & Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Setting up a fun writing ritual, knowing how to celebrate the steps along the way, and starting to trust yourself and your intuition for moving forward with confidence

Weekly Q&A Calls

Live Zoom video calls each week where I can answer any and all questions that pop up for you as you work through each lesson so you can truly customize this experience to your unique situation and project. 

Private Facebook Group

Get questions answered quickly, connect with other writers, and have a safe space to discuss any and all issues because you aren’t in this alone.

Voxer Access & Support

Get questions answered even quicker with Voxer access, it's like having a writing coach in your pocket.  We can send voice memos or text messages back and forth and you can get to writing faster.


  • How to Choose a Tarot Deck

    This video training will help you choose a Tarot deck for creative and writing purposes - walking you through the 7 Key things I look for in a Tarot deck. I'll guide you to know what things are important for you and your writing style or genre so you pick a deck that's perfect for YOU. Not available anywhere else!

  • Emotional Aspects of Writer's Block

    This video training will walk you through the emotional aspects of Writer's Block along with journaling prompts and next steps so you can move forward with confidence. Writing can feel lonely, and we don't always know where to go for answers or advice, but with this training I will show you how you can always ask turn to yourself and your intuition to guide you to the right answers. Not available anywhere else!

  • 1:1 Next Chapter Call

    A 1-hour LIVE Zoom call with me where you will get laser focused attention on your specific problems, a customized tarot reading, writing prompts, and walk away with a detailed action plan so you will know the exact next steps to take for your writing project and career. A $100 Value!

What Students Are Saying

I enjoyed both of the bonus modules!

I hate admitting my emotions at times, but going through The "Emotional Aspects of Writer's Block" bonus was helpful in letting me know that I am not alone in my feelings.

- Heather McLaughlin, Aspiring Author

Loved the bonus modules! 

The "How To Choose a Tarot Deck" lesson was so fun and introduced me to new decks.

- Brit Poe, Fantasy Author

Instead of trying to clear the blocks on your own...

Let me help you.  Let me show you a better way.

You could have the cleanest bathroom, multiple projects started but nothing finished, and regrets years from now.


You could have the necessary tools to always know the way forward, trusting your intuition, and having creative ideas every time you sit down to write.

The choice is yours!

What you get...

  • Module 1 - Plentiful Ideas, Video Trainings & Workbook ($200)

  • Module 2 - Motivation, Video Trainings & Workbook ($200)

  • Module 3 - Making Friends with Your Inner Editor, Video Trainings & Workbook ($200)

  • Module 4 - Self Trust & Intuition, Video Training & Workbook ($200)

  • 6 Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls ($500 each/$3,000 Total)

  • How to Choose a Tarot Deck Training Video & Workbook (Not Available Anywhere Else)

  • Emotional Aspects of Writer's Block Training Video & Workbook (Not Available Anywhere Else)

  • 1:1 Next Chapter Zoom Call ($100)

  • Private Facebook Group for the 6 weeks $300

  • Voxer Access & Support for the entire 6 weeks! ($300)

A $4500+ Value - Yours for Only $247!!

Don’t let all those creative ideas die before they get a chance to shine.

Find the freedom from frustration and get into creative flow

Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Gregson

I know how you are fact, I stopped writing for six whole months because I was blocked, frustrated with my characters, had a plot hole I couldn't fix, and totally believed the negative voices inside my head. I was a mess! But right around this same time, I discovered Tarot cards. This new magical tool allowed me to be creative in new and exciting ways. I mended my relationship with my main character, fixed the gaping plot hole, and rediscovered my love of writing. I can't wait to show you how Tarot cards (and a few other magical tools) can help you and your writing too!

Which is it going to be?

You can stay stuck and blocked wasting precious writing time cleaning, procrastinating, and getting angrier with yourself - letting that negative voice take over.  


Take a chance on yourself and your writing career.  Learn some new tools so you always know how to combat the writer's block demons once and for all.

So are you going to stay frustrated and blocked or fully in creative flow and happy?